Romeo and Juliet – Baseline Fluency After-School Recording

Our baseline recording of the Fluency After-School program. We’ll only be improving from here! Recorded on April 13th and 14th.

Group 1 Cast

Friar Lawrence: Anjali

Nurse: Serena

Tybalt: Brooklyn

Mercutio: Edward

Romeo: Bo

Juliet: Denisse

Group 2 Cast

Friar Lawrence: Verdinand

Nurse: Brenda

Tybalt: Brooklyn

Mercutio: Daniel

Romeo: Jesus

Juliet: Tran


Macbeth – Final ENL After-School Recording

Our final recording of the ENL After-School program. Excellent performance, everyone. I’ll miss you all! Recorded on March 30 & 31st, 2016.

Group 1 Cast

Macbeth: Jason

Lady Macbeth: Brooklyn

Banquo: Tran

Macduff: Omar

Malcolm: Rasail

Witches: Guadaolope, Alishba, Denisse, Tran, Amber, Chris, Hashley

Group 2 Cast

Macbeth: Eddie

Lady Macbeth: Denisse

Banquo: Amber

Macduff: Daniel

Malcolm: Luigi

Witches: Guadaolope, Alishba, Denisse, Tran, Amber, Chris, Hashley

Cool Coyote: Amber Tang


Fluency through Reader’s Theater


As part of our ENL after school program, students are practicing fluency skills by participating in repeated readings of a variety of challenging plays, poems, and songs.

Fluency is the ability to read quickly and accurately with meaning, while at the same time using expression and proper phrasing. Fluency directly affects reading comprehension.

Check back often for recordings of our latest projects, so you can hear our progress for yourself!

Teaming with Mr. Cool!

Our very first recording. Performed on January 27 & 28th, 2016.

Group 1 Cast

Narrator 1: Brooklyn Rinnasak

Narrator 2: Eddie Chen/Laura Mosquera

Narrator 3: Jason Galindo

Farmer Joe: Tran Tran

Farmer Jack: Omar Morelos

Cool Coyote: Rasail Shrestha


Group 2 Cast

Narrator 1: Daniel Hernandez/Alishba Qureshi

Narrator 2: Guadalope Lopez

Narrator 3: Hashley Rivera

Farmer Joe: Denisse Delarosa

Farmer Jack: Yaodong Xie

Cool Coyote: Amber Tang