2016-2017 Bus Information

Dear 51st Avenue Academy Families,

We are all extremely excited about the first day of school which begins on Thursday, September 8th.  We are confident this will be the best school year yet.

Busses will be provided on the first day of school.  Below are the stops that the busses will pick your child up in the morning and drop them off in the afternoon.

Your child will receive a bus list on the first day of school that you should fill out indicating which bus you want your child to go on every day.  All students must use the same bus they use in the afternoon that they use in the morning.

Please arrive at 7:00 a.m. and at 2:20 p.m. at the bus stops for the first few days so you don’t miss pick ups and drop offs.  Thanks!

The Bust Stops for the 2016-2017 school year are:

– Elmhurst Ave and McNish Street
– 88th St. and St. James Ave
– Dongan Ave and Poyer St.
– Judge St. and Britton Ave
– 82nd St and 45th Ave
– 78th St. and 45th Ave
– 80th St. and Broadway
– 53rd Ave and 90th St.

New Bus Routes

AM Bus Routes PM
2457 Elmhurst Avenue & Mac Nish Street 9426
2453 88th Street & St. James Avenue 9447
2453 Dongan Avenue & Poyer Street 9447
2464 Judge Street & Britton Avenue 9448
2464 73rd Street & 47th Avenue 9488
2469 82nd Street & 45th Avenue 9488
2469 78th Street & 45th Avenue  9488
2496 80th Street & Broadway 9432
2496 53rd Avenue & 90th Street  9432