408 Homework 3/12/18

  1. Reading – Read each night for 30 minutes or more!
  2. 1 RRL
  3. Writing Revise “Hattie Big Sky” Short Response Questions
  4. Math  Go Math 10.3 (Parallel, perpendicular, intersecting lines)
  5. Return Chapter 7 test (signed).
  6. Multiplication facts Write the 3 and 6 facts, three times each.
  7. Science- Finish reflection
  8. Art – see planner
  9. If possible, log on to i-Ready.com and complete 1 reading and/or 1 math lesson
  10. Parent Teacher Conferences will be on Thursday, March 15th. Afternoon session starts at 12:20pm. Evening sessions will begin at 4:30pm.  Parents/Guardians, please arrive at your appointed time.

***Next Trip: 3/16. Chaperones, please arrive by 9:15am. Thank you!