403 Homework 2/13/18

Due 2/14/18

Respect for All week continues…

wear SPORTS  APPAREL because we work together as a team to raise bullying awareness

Continue recording information in a Reading Log each time you read. You can print one here – Don’t forget to write in the due date: 


  • Read and jot for at least 40 minutes in any book
  • Reading Response – (1 pg.) Text to Text Connection
    • Remember that a Text to Text Connection means that you are writing about similarities in the book you’re reading now and a book or story that you’ve read before. Think about characters, settings, problems, and themes.
  • i-Ready as much as possible – do not take the Diagnostic
  • February Break Packet – Due Monday, February 26th


  • Finish typing your final draft
  • Update goals
  • Complete Self and Peer Feedback

GO Math

  • 7.9 HW (no Write)
  • Times/Division Tables: 4 and 7, six times each

Ready Math

  • None

Ready ELA

  • None


  • Be sure to have your Reading and Writing goals selected

Social Studies

  • None


  • Test 2/14 on Magnetism and Electricity


  • Check your planner for the assignment


  • Draw 5 chairs of different sizes in your sketchbook


  • Check your planner for the assignment


  • Check your planner for the assignment


  • Check your planner for the assignment