408 Homework 12/14/17

  1. Reading – Read each night for 30 minutes or more!
  2. ELA Ready Book – pg. 110-111, and pg. 113  (This assignment replaces the RRL for tonight)
  3. WritingFinish Introduction and at least 2 body paragraphs on draft paper.
  4. Math   Mad Minute. Please log-in to thinkcentral if you need to review division or watch this video for some additional tips: partial quotients division OR regrouping method
  5. Multiplication factsWrite the 6 & 7 times table (each fact three times)
  6. Art – see student planner.
  7. Science – see planner
  8. Fill out and return Food Tasting Event slip as soon as possible (be sure to note what dish you will be bringing). Food Tasting Event is on Dec. 22.

Next trip is  on 12/21. Please hand in the trip slip & money as soon as possible.