408 Homework 12/8/17

  1. Reading – Read each night for 30 minutes or more!
  2. 2 RRLs
  3. Writingnone
  4. Math   Go Math 4.12 (solving multi-step problems). Please log-in to thinkcentral if you need to review division or watch this video for some additional tips: partial quotients division OR regrouping method
  5. Chapter 4 Math Test will be next Tuesday**
  6. Multiplication factsWrite the 6 & 7 times table (each fact three times)
  7. Art – see student planner.
  8. Science – see planner
  9. Fill out and return Food Tasting Event slip as soon as possible (be sure to note what dish you will be bringing).

Next trip is  on 12/21. Please hand in the trip slip & money as soon as possible.