408 Homework 12/1/17

  1. Reading – Read each night for 30 minutes or more!
  2. 2 RRLs
  3. WritingOpinion Essay must be published and handed in. Include a cover. Please check capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.
  4. Math  4.8 (divide by using partial quotients). Please log-in to thinkcentral if you need to review the lesson or watch this video for some additional tips: partial quotients division
  5. Multiplication factsWrite the 6 & 7 times table (each fact three times)
  6. Art – see student planner.
  7. Science – Quiz Mon. 12/4 – topics: parts of seeds, life cycle of plants, parts of plants & their functions, photosynthesis

Trip Slip Due 12/1. Trip is on 12/8.
We will have another trip on 12/21.