408 Homework 10/23/17

  1. Reading – Read each night for 30 minutes or more!
  2. Write 1 RRL (summary & response/thoughts about the book- include character traits)
  3. Writing Half-page freewrite. All published pieces should be handed in. 
  4. Math – 2.11
  5. Multiplication Facts – Write the 2 and 3 times table (Each fact 3 times)
  6. Study. Chapter 2 Test on Friday!
  7. S.S. – Finish labeling continents and oceans on map. Color each continent a different color. Due tomorrow if you did not hand it in yet.
  8. Art – see student planner.Reminders:
    *The Fall Festival will be after school tomorrow. Parents must pick up their child promptly at 6:15pm.*New Book OrdersDue 11/3/17. Please put money in an envelope labeled with the student’s name or you can place an online order.