403 Homework 10/17/17

Due 10/18/17

Continue recording information in a Reading Log each time you read. You can print one here – Don’t forget to write in the due date: 


  • Read for 20 minutes or more – Don’t forget to use your Reading Log!
    • Use must be making jots on post-its to stick into your book or keep in your notebook (if you’re reading on myon or Epic) – always be working on your Reading Goals by jotting down ideas, questions, and observations that connect to your Goal
  • Reading Notebook – (1 pg.) Choose one of your jots to write long about
    • You must elaborate by describing in detail what the post-it is about, and by using evidence from the book
    • You may use more than one post-it for your entry, as long as they are about the same topic


  • None – have your draft ready for tomorrow

GO Math

  • 2.5 HW
  • Lesson Questions 1-11, skip #9
  • Times Tables: 2 and 3, twice


  • You will need your Goals, Checklists, and Rubrics as you revise your draft – use them to make your work the best it can be

Social Studies

  • None


  • Science Quiz 10/18/17 – living and non-living, simple life cycle, and metamorphosis


  • Check your planner for the assignment


  • Color Worksheet – Primary and Secondary Color/Design


  • Check your planner for the assignment


  • Check your planner for the assignment


  • Check your planner for the assignment