408 Homework 6/2/17

  1. Reading Read for 30 minutes each day.
    –Reading Log
    5 RRLs due by Friday
    EACH RRL should have: summary (at least 5 sentences)  & 2 strategies in the “thoughts/response” section (see handout stapled into the back of the reading notebook)
  2. Writing–  Start drafting your realistic fiction story (if you haven’t already)
  3. Math – none

**Movie & Brooklyn Bridge Trip Slips are due! (If you wish to purchase ice cream on the Brooklyn Bridge trip, please bring $5).

***NYS SCIENCE EXAM Monday, 6/5/17.  Bring #2 pencils*

-Exam will have about 30 multiple choice questions and 10 short response questions.

-Game show review: http://www.superteachertools.us/millionaire/millionaire.php?gamefile=24028