408 Homework 3/2/17

  1. Reading Read for 30 minutes each day.
    –Reading Log
    3 RRLs due by Friday
    EACH RRL should have: summary (at least 5 sentences)  & 2 strategies in the “thoughts/response” section (see handout stapled into the back of the reading notebook)
  2. READY ELA Book – pg. 292-297 (answer ALL questions)
  3. WritingFinish publishing (include cover and comments page if you did not)
  4. MathGo Math 8.2 and 8.3 AND Ready Math pg. 186-191 (this was classwork, please complete these pages if you did not finish in class)
***You must bring sharpened pencils & a small sharpener to school.  Please purchase pencils and a sharpener if you need to do so.


  • Parent Teacher Conferences are on March 9th, Thursday.

     Parents, please fill out the slip to indicate if you would prefer to meet during the afternoon or evening session.


  • Please hand in trip slips.
    Upcoming Trips:
    – METropolitan Museum of Art: 3/10
    – Paley Center: 3/13
    – Queens Library: 3/22
  • Book orders due tomorrow.

  • Library Card Applications due tomorrow.