408 Homework 2/7/17

  1. ReadingRead for 30 minutes each day.
    –Reading Log
    1 RRL
    EACH RRL should have: summary (at least 5 sentences)  & 2 strategies in the “thoughts/response” section (see handout stapled into the back of the reading notebook)
  2. WritingMake sure you finish your conclusion. By now, your whole essay should be drafted on yellow paper.
  3. Math – 7.2
  4. Science – Test 2/13 (next Monday) on magnetism and electricity


  •  Upcoming trips:
    2/8 to see a play at QB Performing Arts Center. Chaperones, please arrive by 9:30am.
  • Continue collecting Jump Rope for Heart donations
  • jump-rope-for-heart