403 Homework 1/10/17

Due 1/11/17

Headphones are REQUIRED for iReady. You must bring inexpensive headphones to keep at school for all future iReady work.

Please bring a note if you are unable to do so.

Chapter 5 Math Test Tomorrow…Be Ready!


  • Read for at least 45 minutes
    • If your level is below R, you should be reading for 1 hour or more
  • Don’t forget to fill out your Reading Log – Click here to print a new one
  • 10 minutes on i-Ready
  • Reading Response (1 pg.) – Identify a story element in your Book Club Book, and write about why it’s important to the whole story (part to whole)
  • Return signed iReady paper


  • Publishing is now late. Bring it as soon as possible


  • Times/Division Tables: 4 & 7, twice each
  • Performance Assessment


  • Organize folders and check that Goal Sheets are filled in properly

Social Studies

  • None


  • Check your planner for the assignment


  • Check your planner for the assignment


  • Draw 4-5 different patterns using color


  • Return HIV slip if you will not be participating


  • Check your planner for the assignment