403 Homework 11/7/16

Due 11/9/16

Please try to bring in headphones. They should be inexpensive ones that you can keep at school.


  • Read for 45 minutes or more in your independent reading books
    • If your level is below S, you should be reading for 80 minutes
  • Don’t forget to fill out your Reading Log
  • Reading Response – Respond to the following question from The Tiger Rising:

“Rob shrugged. It was hard to move his shoulders up and down and hold on to Sistine’s hand at the same time.”

Based on what we know about Rob’s shrugging and the way he feels about Sistine, what do you think this line from the book actually means?


  • None
  • 3.1 HW pages and Math Journal
  • Times Tables: 6 and 8, two times each
  • Organize folders and check that Goal Sheets are filled in properly
Social Studies
  • None
  • Project due Wednesday, November 9th
    • Illustration
    • Worksheet
    • Rubric attached
  • Draw and color 3 patterns in boxes
  • Check your planner for the assignment