408 Homework 10/31/16

  1. ReadingRead for 30 minutes each day.
    Reading Log
    1 RRL
    EACH RRL should have: summary (at least 5 sentences)  & 2 strategies in the “thoughts/response” section
    (see handout stapled into the back of the reading notebook)
  2. Writing – none

  3. Math – Chapter 2 Show What You Know pg. 61-62
  4. S.S. – Finish the map project for those of you that did not hand it in. Points will be deducted for lateness.
  5. Art – print in color (3) patterns in nature. Draw and color 1.
  6. Science – Add 2 animals to adaptation chart.

    Happy Halloween!


    • PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES will be THIS Thursday, November 3. Parents, please fill out the PTC slip ASAP that was sent home last week to schedule an appointment time. 
    • Trip Slip + $ for Green Meadows Farm due 11/11. We need at least 2 chaperones.