408 Homework 9/14/16

  1. Reading – Read for 30 minutes. Fill out reading log & write a summary of what you’ve read. Have parent sign the log.
  2. Writing – Do 1 Free write (write for 10 minutes on any topic).
  3. Math – Go Math 1.1 (pg. 9-10 – do both sides!)
  4. Fill out & return the following:
    – Blue cards (sent home on the 1st day of school)
    – Class Procedures/Welcome Letter (sent home on the 1st day of school)
    – Get To Know You Student Survey (sent home on the 1st day of school)
    – Language Survey (sent home last week)
    – Photo Consent Form (sent home today)
  5. Science – finish setting up notebook
  6. Art – Sign contract, do 1 personal drawing
  7. Bring in supplies (especially notebooks and 1 binder)
  8. If you wish to run for Vice President of Student Council, please write a letter to Mrs. Rugolo by Friday!