408 Homework 6/22/16

  1. Reading – Read for 40 minutes (a book on your level or  1 level above). Do 1 Reading Response. Read up to the stopping point in your book club book.
  2. Writing – Revise draft/start publishing
  3. Math – none
  4. *Everyday: http://www.reflexmath.com (get a green light!)
  5. MyOn/Raz-kids/TenMarks/Thinkcentral

*End of the Year Celebration: Monday, June 27
I will provide cheese pizza and ice cream. You may bring in other food/drink to share with the class (25 students). OR you can bring in cleaning supplies (paper towels, lysol or hand wipes! Please fill out the slip and return it as soon as possible!

*Last day of school: June 28