408 Homework 4/15/16

  1. Reading – Read for 40 minutes (a book on your level or  1 level above). Do 2 reading responses
  2. Writing – Finish generating topic for poetry. Do 10 webs
  3. Math – none
  4. *Everyday: http://www.reflexmath.com (get a green light!)
  5. MyOn/Raz-kids/TenMarks/Thinkcentral*Make up any missing homework assignments*

Upcoming Trips:

  • TRIP slip & money for the Circus Trip due April 21st. If the money and slip are not handed in by this date, your child will not be able to attend the Circus. 
  • Trip slip to Queens County Farm trip slip and money due next Tuesday (April 18) 
  • Moving Image trip is next Friday! (April 22)