408 Homework 4/4/16

  1. Reading – Read for 40 minutes each night. ELA Packet, pgs, 18-23 (short response, 1 extended response based on “Building the Longest, Fastest, Tallest Scream Machines”
  2. Writing – Publish “Beaver” essay if you did not do it already (on looseleaf)
  3. Math – Math packet (fractions)
  4. *Everyday: http://www.reflexmath.com (get a green light!)
  • *New York State ELA tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday
    BE PREPARED:  Bring at least three #2 sharpened pencils (no mechanical pencils), an eraser, and a small sharpener.
    Sleep early & eat a nutritious breakfast!

*Return Math tests s1igned (Chapter 8 and Chapter 10 were handed back).
*Two trip slips (Moving Image & Highline + money were due last week
*Circus Trip Slip and money due before Spring Break