403 Homework: 3/31/16

Due 4/1/16


  • Read for 30 minutes
    • Passages count – take your time with them
  • Finish the summary of the Founding of Ferryport Landing
    • Why did the Everafters leave their original home?
    • Who helped the Everafters settle in America and how?
    • What caused Wilhelm to seek the help of Yaga Baba and what here the consequences of his actions?

Ready Assessment Book ELA (Thin)

  • Pgs. 72-79
    • Finish all short responses
    • Complete the planning page
    • Complete the extended response

Ready Book ELA (Big)

  • None


  • Finish Review Test
  • Prepare for the Chapters 1-13 test tomorrow. Use your book, Think Central, and any other resources you have to make sure you understand all the math concepts


  • None
Social Studies
  • None
  • Independent work
  • Finish 3 dimensional drawings