403 Homework: 1/20/16

Due 1/21/16


  • 35 minutes with a completed and accurate Reading Log

Ready Book

  • None


  • Finish Glossary draft. Include:
    • The Domain-Specific vocabulary word
    • The part of speech (Noun/Verb/Adjective)
    • A definition in your own words
    • A example sentence directly from your research


  • 4.11 HW pages
  • 4.12 HW pages
  • Reteach Sheet (if you were give one)
  • Math Minute – time yourself! Only 2 minutes. Draw a line where you ran out of time


  • Choose a new category from your Informational Writing Rubric and write a 1 pg. Goal Response. Don’t forget to include a specific example from your own work!
Social Studies
  • Infographics will be completed this week. Bring in any additional supplies, if you need them
  • None
  • Print 5 sheets of gears (machine parts)
  • Bring an extra fine black Sharpie