403 Homework: 1/15/16

Due 1/19/16

Instructions on the Goal Responses:
A Goal Response is a reflection on a category of your rubric that you choose.
For example, if I wanted to write about Organization for my Writing Goal Response, I would give evidence from your current draft about how to decide which information goes into each paragraph.
A Reading Goal Response about themes would describe how to find the theme of a book, giving evidence from a book you’re Currently reading or a book you’ve already read.


  • 90 minutes with a completed and accurate Reading Log
  • Goal Response – 1 pg.

Ready Book

  • Pages 490-492


  • Finish draft of your Historical Information writing. Underline the Domain-Specific Vocabulary
  • Goal Response – 1 pg.


  • 4.8 HW pages
  • 4.9 HW pages


  • Updated Goals
Social Studies
  • Infographics will be completed next week. Bring in any additional supplies, if you need them
  • None
  • Print 5 sheets of gears (machine parts)
  • Bring an extra fine black Sharpie