403 Homework: 12/21/15

Due 12/22/15


  • Read for 30 minutes in a Non-Fiction or Fiction book  Myon Counts!
  • Fill out your Reading Log correctly and accurately – if you don’t have a sheet you can print one from the Student Resources section of the website, or write the information on loose-leaf

Ready Book

  • Language Lesson 5 pages 484-485


  • Choose a Goal from the Narrative Writing Rubric and use it to Revise your draft. Remember that drafts should look MESSY…do not erase. I expect to see words circled or crossed out, new paragraphs added, sentences re-written, and MORE. It should look like a the work in progress of a person who wants their writing to be perfect!


  • Chapter 4.1 Lesson Pages – Do your best and we will go over this in class tomorrow
  • Times Tables 4 & 6, two times each
  • For every item on your Self-Assessment sheet marked YES, write a short reflection in your Math Notebook. Reflections must include:
    • The date
    • The skill, clearly stated
    • A brief explanation of the skill
    • An example of the skill


  • Create or identify evidence to show that you’re working toward your Goals
Social Studies
  • None
  • Photosynthesis Post-Assessment
  • Create 2 goals
  • Bring in popsicle sticks and yarn