403 Homework: 12/11/15

Due 12/14/15


  • Read for 70 minutes in a Non-Fiction or Fiction book  Myon Counts!
  • Fill out your Reading Log correctly and accurately – if you don’t have a sheet you can print one from the Student Resources section of the website, or write the information on loose-leaf

Reading Notebook

  • While reading, jot about ideas you have related to the Reading Checklists. You could also choose to jot research notes to help your Social Studies group gather information on Colonial Life.

Writing Notebook

  • Ready pgs. 480-483 (Language Lesson 3 and 4)
  • Finish the Complex Character Chart you started in class. Be sure to:
    • Have 3 positive traits
    • Have 3 negative traits
    • Provide an example that clearly shows why the character has that specific trait


  • Lesson 3.7 HW pages
  • Times Tables 12 & 50, three times each
  • For every item on your Self-Assessment sheet marked YES, write a short reflection in your Math Notebook. Reflections must include:
    • The date
    • The skill, clearly stated
    • A brief explanation of the skill
    • An example of the skill


  • Create or identify evidence to show that you’re working toward your Goals
Social Studies
  • None
  • Photosynthesis Post-Assessment
  • Create 2 goals
  • Bring in popsicle sticks and yarn