408 Homework 12/4/15

  1. Reading – Read for 30 minutes each day. Please make sure you are reading at least 15 pages each day.
    Write 2 reading responses.
  2. Writing1 free write (10 minutes each).
  3. MathGo Math 3.4. Study multiplication facts
  4. Science- Finish packet
  5. Art – Buy Popsicle sticks and yarn
  6. Trip Slip due this week! Please place the slip + money in an envelope. Chaperones, please arrive by 9:15am on Friday.
  7. http://www.reflexmath.com (get a green light!)
  8. MyOn/Raz-kids/TenMarks/Thinkcentral

*Candy Cane Grams – $1.00 per candy cane gram. Send a candy cane & message to friends and family members!

*Food Tasting Event – see notice that was sent home. Fill out the bottom portion and have your child return the slip as soon as possible!