408 Homework 11/20/15

  1.  Reading – Read a for 30 minutes every night. Write 2 reading responses (1 based on a nonfiction book & 1 based on a fiction book) + fill in reading log!

  2. WritingFinish your essay. Make sure it has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Work on your writing goals. Publish if you are up to publishing.
  3. MathStudy! Test will be on MONDAY! Be sure to go over the chapter review pages carefully & study how each question was solved.
  4. Social Studies – Compare and Contrast Algoquians and Iroquois using a Venn Diagram. You may use your notes and the textbooks.  Algonquian – old book (p.90-91), new book (p. 38-39). Iroquois – old book (p. 96-97), new book (p. 30-31). Compare & contrast: role of men/women/children, types of shelter, food, government, etc.
  5. Art – Final Sketch
  6. TenMarks/ Thinkcentral/ Raz-kids/ Myon… Reflex Math http://www.reflexmath.com – do this 3 times a week and get to the green light!
  7. *Get math test signed*

    *Trip Slip due 12/1*

    *Canned Food Drive (bring in canned goods)