408 Homework 11/04/15

  1. Reading – Read for 30 minutes. Write 1 response.
  2. Writing – Finish essay organizer. Write 1 mini-story for each reason on a post-it (if you don’t have post-its at home, write them on looseleaf or in your notebook!)
  3. Math – Go Math 2.3 / Certain students complete a worksheet instead* (your child will know if they have to do the worksheet or 2.3).
  4. Art – 2 Native American sketches
  5. PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES ARE TOMORROW!  (Half-Day dismissal at 11:20am for all students). Parents, please arrive at your appointed time.
  6. TenMarks/ Thinkcentral/ Raz-kids (do at least 2 activities each week)
  7. Get social studies test signed by parent
  8. Intrepid Trip Slip Due! (cost: free!)