403 Homework: 10/26/15

Due 10/27/15

  • Read for 40 minutes in a Non-Fiction book
  • Fill out your Reading Log correctly and accurately
Reading Notebook
  • Create a 1-pg. Goal Response providing evidence of working toward your goal:
    • What work have you done with your book to achieve your goal?
    • What can you do next time to keep working on your goal?
    • Give evidence from the book
  • None – unless you didn’t turn in your paper today
  • Chapter 5 Review Sheets
  • Read aloud fluently
  • Research form due Friday (Project Group only)
  • 2 patterns
Signed Forms
  • Photo Consent – if you don’t turn it in, I can’t let you participate in any video activities
  • Parent-Teacher Conference (Due as soon as possible)