403 Homework: 10/20/15

Due 10/21/15

  • Read for 40 minutes in a book that’s your level or one level higher
  • Fill out your Reading Log correctly and accurately
Reading Notebook
  • In 1 page, share everything you know about non-fiction books. What kind of information do you find in them? Who are they written for? What kinds of features do you see in them?
  • If you’ve met with me, please make your final revisions and then publish
  • If you haven’t met with me, please continue to revise
  • Create a cover for your work that includes:
    • A title
    • The author
    • The class
    • A picture
  • Math 5.4, lesson pages only
  • Write 5 VCCV words
  • Research form due Friday (Project Group only)
  • 3 rows of colored patterns