403 Homework: 10/8/15

Due 10/9/15

Update your Reading and Writing Goals! You must be able to show evidence of working toward your Goal, either in your Reading Notebook or with your Writing Notebook and Drafts.


  • Read for 40 minutes in a book that’s your level or one level higher
  • Fill out your Reading Log correctly and accurately
Reading Notebook
  • None – Focus all your effort on Writing


  • Begin to draft on yellow paper. Make sure you’re using all the things we’ve learned in class
    • Create Complex Characters (positive and negative traits)
    • Orient the reader with Setting
    • Characters should have Motivations and Obstacles
    • Write your sentences with HEART
    • Tell the story bit by bit…each point on your Arc should be like a mini-story
    • Use the Checklist and Rubric!


  • None (due to test)


  • Write 10 words of your choice with a CVC pattern. Label CVC and symbol.