403 Homework: 10/2/15

Due 10/5/15


  • Read for 80 minutes in a book that’s your level or one level higher
  • Fill out your Reading Log correctly and accurately
Reading Notebook
  • Identify the desire or motivation of a character from your book and describe the obstacles the character faces in getting what they want
    • Remember that an example of a motivation might be something as simple as “I want to watch TV,” with the obstacle being “But I have homework.” What does the character in your book do when faced with their obstacle?

Writing Notebook

  • Choose 3 sentences from your draft and re-write them with HEART
    • Don’t add new actions…remember that HEART means writing creating a sentence that helps the reader ENVISION what’s happening. Think of the jar example from Fireflies!


  • Lesson 1.8 lesson questions and homework questions (pgs. 51-54)