403 Homework: 10/1/15

Due 10/2/15


  • Read for 40 minutes in a book that’s your level or one level higher
  • Fill out your Reading Log correctly and accurately
Reading Notebook
  • Find a moment in your book when a character acts in a way that seems unusual or different than  how they normally act and explain why they might be acting this way. If you’re stuck, use these prompts to help:
    • The character normally behaves like…but this time they behaved like…This makes me think that…
    • The character did…which makes me think they must be the kind of person who…
    • I used to think…but after the character…I realize that…

Writing Notebook

  • Using your Flash Draft or your Story Arc, find a moment or action that the character performs and stretch it out into a 1/2  – 1 page mini-story.


  • Lesson 1.7 lesson questions and homework questions