2 thoughts on “Goodbye to all the 5th Graders (2014-2015)

  1. Awe, i was a graduate at 51st for 2015. been with mr.woodworth for 4th and 5th grade. lol i still remember the classes 4013 and 510. wow im boutta enter high school,but id still say that 51st were the 2 best years of my life. i wish the best for all future graduates and teachers. thank you mr.chin, mr.woodworth, and all the other staff.

  2. Farewell teachers of 4th and 5th. As a parent, I would like to thank you to all teachers for their dedication and passion in teaching. It is not an easy job, and we are grateful to have wonderful teachers especially Mr. Smith ( 4th grade). You are the first teacher who open my daughter’s eyes in studying and hard work. I was little bit upset about the social studies award, my daughter work so hard, she slept at midnight for 3 days to get her project by herself even it supposed to be group project. She did the essay, board, and powerpoint by herself. But what is done is done, she learned her lesson. She had wonderful time at the 51th Academy.

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